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Move the Seal on a Dollar Bill with Your finger, Right in front of their eyes!

5 star magic trick

Another Masterpiece by David Garcia


 fraud dollar trick david garcia 

From the DVD:

The beauty of FRAUD is its simplicity. The spectator sees their signed, borrowed bill, and your two hands - that's it. At the end, they are left with their signed bill still in hand-- visibly altered in a manner they know is impossible.

The seal on the signed bill is pushed from one side of the bill all the way to the other.

Start clean. End clean. They can examine your hands, the bill, and the Sharpie to their heart's content. There's nothing to do but take their bill home with them and start showing it to people.

Garcia previously gave this to a few trusted friends. Now he gives it to you in the Ellusionist-produced DVD FRAUD. Follow Garcia as he performs FRAUD and explains the technique behind it.

"If someone told me that Daniel Garcia could turn lead into gold, I would believe them..."

Fraud (like the other two Daniel Garcia tricks that we reviewed - Torn and Greed), has an elegant simplicity to it. Fraud is easy to perform, but the effect is extremely powerful, giving the impression that REAL magic is the only way that the effect could be possible.

I loved Greed, but that was joined by Torn. Now, Fraud forces me to have three magic tricks occupying my favorite #1 slot.

Once you see the video on this magic trick, you'll understand.

Some slight is required, but can be easily mastered by almost anyone. There is also some preparation involved, but once you understand what is required and how to do it, you can easily prepare several bills ahead of time. The payoff is definitely worth your effort.

daniel garcia magic trick

Like other Garcia DVDs, the instructions and camera angles cover every aspect of the magic trick. Instructions, as are the video and sound, are excellent.

Overall, the package has great production value.

"It is almost worth the price of the DVD just to watch Garcia's smooth approach to handling, which is superb."

fraud daniel garcia


As a magic trick, you won't be disappointed with FRAUD. Everything claimed in the description is accurate. The trick resets instantly. You can show empty hands before performing the trick and afterwards as well.

All I have to say is that David Garcia is a genius.

Do yourself a favor and click here to add this one to your reportoir. It will surely become a classic.

 dollar bill seal video

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